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Overview History
1948 January Sanyo Electric Works was founded in Wakamiya, Gifu City by Dai Nakagawa and Shintetsu Amano, Mr. Nakagawa's son. Their venture began with the production of various kinds of transformers.
1950 October Trial production of neon transformers succeeded, and sales were launched on a nationwide scale.
1951 October Succeeded in the development of a fluorescent lighting system that used a small blade vibrating at high speed to convert power from DC to AC on buses. With this, Sanyo entered the bus equipment market.
1953 March Made the step forward from private management and incorporated the business, with initial capital of 500,000 yen.
1956 December Developed the world's first single-unit, DC-powered fluorescent light with a built-in inverter, named the "S-Light."
1959 August Succeeded in transistorizing the single-unit type fluorescent lamp for buses.
1960 September Developed fluorescent lighting for vehicles, and entered the automobile market.
1961 May Developed fluorescent lighting for railcars, and entered the railway market.
1965 January Relocated headquarters to the Kamitsuchii neighborhood of Gifu City.
    April Developed inverter power supplies for various industries, and entered the industrial equipment market.
1968 December Purchased 39,000 square meters of property in the Itonuki region of Motosu City, Gifu Prefecture, and began construction of a transformer production facility. This has become the current Head Facility.
1970 September Initiated the development of fare boxes for buses.
1974 March Succeeded with the first digital fare display for vehicle interiors utilizing semiconductors.
    April Established Sanyo Trading Company Ltd (merged into parent corporation in 2004).
1983 June Submitted bid for an international tender offer and became the sole contractor for on-board bus ticket printing equipment for use in Singapore.
1985 January Developed the microcomputer-based battery recharger for forklifts.
    October Presented the bus card system (Stored Value Fare System, SVFS) to Japan's Bus Technology Commission.
1986 March Developed the neon flashing controller.
    November Developed the small-scale Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) unit.
    November Awarded the Deming Prize for Comprehensive Quality Control.
1987 November Established Thai Sanyo Denki Company, Ltd. as an offshore manufacturing facility (now Thai LECIP Co., Ltd.).
1988 January Won the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Research Center Award(now Good Company Award),Corporate Excellence Prize.
1989 March Established Sanyo Electronics Co., Inc. (now LECIP Electronics).
1990 July Initiated production of fluorescent lighting for the Tsubasa line of Shinkansen (Bullet) trains.
1992 April Initiated production of fluorescent lighting for Bullet trains (the Nozomi line of the Shinkansen).
1993 July Commenced sales of the electronic neon transformer (Alpha Neon).
1994 April Began supplying the Bus Card System to Malaysia.
    April Commenced sales of UPS with integrated communications function.
1995 April Established Siam Sanyo (disbanded in 2008).
    June Construction of Building No. 3 within the Itonuki facility (now the Head Facility).
    November Announced the development of the non-contact card system.
1996 July Acquired ISO 9001 certification for the UPS, automobile fluorescent lighting, and railcar fluorescent lighting.
1997 September Expanded the registration range of ISO 9001 certification to include automatic fare management equipment, small-scale dry-type high voltage devices, and their controllers.
1998 April Reorganization the company into three central divisions.
1999 August   Started to supply contactless smart card R/W to Hong Kong.
2000 July Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
2002 January Changed the company name from Sanyo Electric Works Ltd. to LECIP Corporation, and inaugurated the brand name of LECIP. Sanyo Trading re-established as LECIP Shipping Service Ltd.
    August Completed construction of the 4th major building at the Itonuki Facility, currently the Head Facility. Transferred the DC Power Supply Equipment Division transferred to this building from an adjacent town and resumed operations.
2004 January Established the affiliate LECIP Shanghai Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China for production of transformers in a consignment arrangement.
    July Address of incorporation is changed from Gifu City to Motosu City, reflecting recentralization of operations.
2005 March Established the affiliate LECIP Sangyo Ltd..
    September Began sales of cold cathode lamps (CCLs).
    October Started commercialization of products for an electronic ballast for exterior fluorescent signs.
    November Conducted stock split (split ratio of 1:10 ordinary shares).
    December Stock has been publicly issued in JASDAQ Securities Trading (discontinued in 2008).
2006 January Capital boosted to 735 million yen.
    July The number of shares per unit has been revised from 1,000 to 100.
2007 March Delivered an IC card reader for buses that can handle new smart cards for both train and bus lines in Tokyo metropolitan area.
    August Started commercialization of products for power supply unit for LED.
    December Listed LECIP shares on the second sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
2008 June Concluded a Business Collaboration Agreement with Sanshin Electric Works Inc. in ROK.
2009 March   Began sales of LED lamp unit for automobile.
    April Created a new,onsite day-care facility.
2010 March   Established LECIP INC. in the State of Illinois,USA.
    October   Reorganized into a pure holding company structure, its name changing to LECIP HOLDINGS CORPORATION,Incorporated, within which are newly established the reconstituted LECIP CORPORATION and LECIP INTERNATIONAL,INC.
    October   Established GIFU DS OPERATION LTD.
2012 December   Established LECIP (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD in SINGAPORE.
2013 August   Completed the acquisition of Arcontia International AB.
    October   Established LECIP THAI Co., Ltd. in THAILAND.
2014 February   Listed on the first sections of the Tokyo and the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
2016 July Delivered an automated fare collection system for route buses in the U.S. market.
2019 November Capital boosted to 1,190 million yen.
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