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LCD Display
An Intelligent LCD that Enhances your Onboard Experience
LCD DisplayLCD Display
Dual 15”Single 20”
- Provide more accurate, flexible, and passenger friendly information than a typical LED sign.
- Easy Integration with Existing Passenger Information Systems
- Carry standard interface and platform – Ethernet and Windows XP Embedded

LCD Display
Dual 15” display system to display operational information on the left screen while displaying attractive passenger information on the right screen. Display movies and pictures as required.
LCD Display e.g.)
Route map on the left screen, and advertisement, entertainment, weather report on the right.

Single 20”

LCD Display LCD Display Our displays allow you to display a wide variety of information: coming stop, the entire system map, transfer points, all the stops for the route the vehicle is on, location based advertising or tourist information, news or emergency/special service information. Easily updated through a USB or Ethernet port, the signs can display image, video or text, and built-in support for standard audio files means they can also make voice announcements.

Convenient Passenger Information
Notify passenger’s current location, stops, transfer info, and destination using existing onboard location systems. You always know where you are and where you are going.
Attractive Infotainment
Provide passengers with commercial ads, video clips, and news information
Clear Visibility
Display colorful LCD images, movies, and text for high readability.
“Talking” Sign
Support standard audio files (.avi) to provide voice and sound announcements.
Flexible Display Editing
Set up images (jpeg, bmp, etc.), video clips (mpeg, etc.), and text that best suits the transit agency and passenger’s needs.
Download data onboard using a portable USB drive or via Ethernet network.
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