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Site Policy

This Website(www.lecip.com) is administered by LECIP HOLDINGS CORPORATION. Usage of this Website is based upon agreement to the following terms and conditions.
1. All copyrights to individual items of text, photographs, images and other content (hereafter generally referred to as "content") contained in this Website, and copyrights to the Website itself belong to LECIP, the respective original writers/creators or other copyright holders.
2. Except in the case of printing or saving for the purpose of personal use, or other uses allowed under copyright law, the duplication, public transmittal, alteration, of removal of content from this Website, as well as its diversion to another Website without the consent of the original writer/creator or other copyright holder, is prohibited by copyright law. If you wish to use content from this Website you must notify and obtain permission from LECIP in advance. The company may refuse permission to use such content when it contains personal likenesses or material/trademarks that belong to a third party, or when it is deemed inappropriate by the company.
3. When using content based upon permission from LECIP, you must employ the copyright indicators specified by the company. Copyright indicators must not be altered or deleted without the prior consent of LECIP.
Rights pertaining to this Website or to the individual trademarks, logos, or trade names contained on this Website belong to the company or the respective individual rights holders. Trademark law prohibits the unauthorized use of such trademarks, etc., except when otherwise allowed by this or other law. Therefore, you must notify and obtain permission from LECIP before using any such trademarks.
1. Every effort has been made to ensure that the content on this Website is accurate and up to date. However, LECIP cannot guarantee the complete correctness of this content. Moreover, the company shall bear no responsibility for any damages that may be incurred through the use of this Website.
2. All the information contained on this Website is always information relevant at the time that it is posted, but this information may not agree with actual facts over the passage of time. Moreover, the Website composition, usage conditions, URL address, and content may be changed or discontinued without prior notice.
3. LECIP shall bear no responsibility for any damages incurred due to the interruption or suspension of the Website operation, or due to changes in the Website information, for whatever reason.
1.   Links to this Website may be established on sites administered by groups, companies, or individuals. However, links that fall or are likely to fall under the following categories are not allowed.
Links on sites that slander or defame LECIP, or any of its affiliated companies, executives, or employees.
Links on sites that may damage the credibility or reputation of LECIP, including sites that run counter to public order and standards of decency.
Links that damage the visual integrity of this Website, including frame links.
Links that may create the misconception that LECIP recognizes or endorses the site where the link is found, as well as links that may provide a false impression that there is some kind of tie-up or cooperative relationship between the LECIP and the link creator.
Other links deemed inappropriate by LECIP.
2. Since the URL addresses of individual pages on the Website may be modified or eliminated without warning, please use the top-page URL (http://www.lecip.com/) when creating a link.
3. The company does not guarantee the content of other sites that are linked to this Website, and shall bear no responsibility for any damages arising from the use of such content.
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Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher is recommended for viewing this Website. The content may not be properly displayed and the Website may not function properly when other browsers or versions are used.

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For Inquiries regarding this Website
LECIP HOLDINGS CORPORATION : General Affairs Department 058-324-3121 Inquiry
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