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Corporate Policy
Business Areas
Corporate Policy
Corporate Policy

LECIP is an independent electrical equipment manufacturer unaffiliated with any of Japan's industrial conglomerates. Its operations encompass the Transport Equipment and Industrial Equipment businesses. Since its inception, LECIP has achieved steady growth by developing, manufacturing, and selling products based on a commitment to creating new markets by developing state-of-the-art technologies.

LECIP pursues a fundamental business strategy of concentrating its management resources in the three fields of lighting, electric power conversion, and information processing, in the aim of capturing the top shares of the product markets in its businesses.
Core Competence
Dry insulation for high voltage applications (core technology for neon transformers)
High frequency inverters for in-vehicle use (core technology for fluorescent lighting for vehicles)
DC controller technology (core technology for rechargers for battery-operated forklifts)
System development involving communications, control and display (core technology for non-contact IC / magnetic card systems for public transport, and OBC-VISION)
High-precision printed circuit boards (technology based on high-speed chip mounters from subsidiary, LECIP ELECTRONICS CORPORATION)
With the above Corporate Vision and our core strength, we establish our corporate vision for the 21st Century and are advancing along these lines:
Management Vision
To develop new products for the transportation, sign and display, and industrial equipment that help our customers reduce energy consumption and are friendly to the environment.
We will open up new markets and improve the reliability of our products to exceed our customers' expectations.
LECIP Quality Policy
Customers first
- We have implemented an ISO 9001 quality management system across our departments that fosters cooperation and a sharp focus on quality to meet our customer requirements.
- We have established continual improvement processes in our quality systems to improve their effectiveness and to contribute to society at large through our continuous improvement program.
JAB QMS Accreditation Certification CM001 JSA QMS JISQ:9001 Registration No.JSAQ089 ISO 9001
Towards Global Conservation
One element of our corporate plan is endeavoring for environmental conservation, and to that end we have established a proactive program addressing environmental concerns.
JAB EMS Accreditation  Certification CM001 JSA ENS JISQ14001 Registration No.JSAE249 UKAS 089
ISO 14001
LECIP Group Environmental Policy
Basis Of the Policy
In order that we the LECIP Group, as a member of society, can support the building of an enhanced, recycling-oriented society in this century, we seek to create products and services full of appeal that is in keeping with the needs of the global environment, while seeking to optimize our coexistence with the area as well as society at large, and endeavoring for the goal of sustainable environmental conservation.
Policy and Implenation
1. We sustain our efforts and programs for environmental improvement and pollution prevention through complying with laws and regulations concerning the environment, establishing specific environmental goals and objectives, implementing them and reviewing their results.
2. Employees share an understanding of the company's programs and efforts for environmental preservation, and we maintain a program to keep them informed and enlarge their appreciation in order that they carry out their everyday work with a solid understanding of the connection between work and the environment.
3. We cooperate and collaborate about environmental conservation with the local community and with our business partners, and regularly announce the environmental programs we are pursuing.
Specific Targets
We implement our program with a priority on the following aspects:
1 The minimization of energy and materials consumed in producing products
2 Reduction of the use of hazardous substances and the further development and release of products that are highly compliant
3 Continuation of "green procurement"
4 Reduction and re-use of waste materials and output from company-wide operations
5 Conservation of energy consumed by the company's production equipment and facilities
Revised October 1, 2010 (revision8) LECIP HOLDINGS CORPORATION
Enacted April 1, 1999 Makoto Sugimoto, President and CEO
Green Procurement Initiative
In order that we the LECIP Group, as one member of society, can support the building of an enhanced, recycling-oriented society in this century, we seek to create products and services full of appeal that is in keeping with the needs of the global environment, while planning in accordance with the co-existence of the earth and society, and endeavoring for the goal of sustainable environmental conservation.
Until now our use of parts and materials has been adapted to our priority on those that minimize their impact on the environment, though on advancing parts selection and materials procurement that respond still further to environmental concerns, we have newly instituted the Green Procurement Policy.
1 Procurement of parts and materials free of hazardous substances
We are continuing further with our program for the elimination of cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury, lead*, polybrominated biphenyls, and polybrominated diphenyl ether from production materials.
*Excluding solder used in printed circuit boards
2 Progress with the environmental orientation of products
Our program for assuring that products comply with the ELV and RoHS directives is proceeding as well.
ELV : The directive enacted in the EU (European Union) regarding ELV's, End-Of-Life vehicles.
RoHS : The directive enacted in the EU regarding the restriction of hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment.
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